750gr AM Caprimo Cappuccino Topping Powder

More Information
Brand AM Foods
Type of coffee Cappuccino
Product Instant coffee
Weight 750 gr
Expiration date 1 Dec 2020
Country of origin Belgium
EAN Code 7350022395084
Quick Overview
750gr AM Caprimo Cappuccino Topping Powder

The milky choice!
Tasty, round and smooth, Caprimo Topping adds an appealing milky froth to any coffee, chocolate, tea or cappuccino drink. Its smooth and slightly sweet taste enhances the taste experience of any hot drink. The perfect choice and starting point for marketing coffeerista_base kinds of coffee and chocolate mixed drinks in any vending / OCS machinery.
Caprimo Topping is a dairy creamer.

Skimmed milk powder, lactose, anti-caking agent E341.