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Kimbo is the company founded by the Rubino Brothers in 1963 and from which the Kimbo trademark was created, a name that evokes exotic lands where coffee beans are cultivated. Some years later the Kosè trademark was also created, a good and convenient product. In 2012 it conquered the coffee shops in Sardinia, thanks to the take-over of the historical coffee company from Cagliari, La Tazza d’Oro. In 1994 Cafè do Brasil ranked second in the retail sector of the Italian market for packaged coffee, a position that it still holds today. The growing success is definitely due to the strict loyalty given to tradition and the excellent quality as well as the money invested in advertising and corporate infrastructures. This is evident in the Melito factory of Naples that extends over 40,000 square meters, where the instruments and productive processes are constantly updated and always guarantee the achievement of very high productive standards, while respecting the environmental policies. Since 2009 Cafè do Brasil is also avant-garde in integrated logistics, with its Kimbo-hub (18,000 square meters) located in the transportation area of Nola.