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The brand “Specialità Caffè Hausbrandt” was founded in 1892 in Trieste, establishing itself as the first Italian coffee roasting company. Hermann Hausbrandt, a captain of the Austrian Merchant Marine, started a business that roasted and sold coffee in Trieste. Captain Hermann Hausbrandt's entrepreneurial genius solved one of the greatest obstacles relating to coffee: transport and storage. Hermann made Hausbrandt the first company to offer products that were processed and packaged in sealed metal containers at the production plant. The company has offered high quality coffee since its inception, and the first Hausbrandt slogan, “Specialità Caffè Hausbrandt”, highlights their coffee's ongoing status as a premium beverage. The slogan was added to the coffee packages and placed on the first company vehicles, implementing an advertising campaign that was unheard of in that era and that soon made the name Hausbrandt synonymous with coffee.