16 Coffee pods Jacobs Krönung Crema Balance

More Information
Brand Jacobs
Type of coffee Coffee
Product Coffee pods
Weight 105 gr
Expiration date 1 May 2020
Country of origin Germany
EAN Code 7622210048400
Quick Overview
16 Coffee pods Jacobs Krönung Crema Balance

The feel-good-coffee with full aroma and half caffeine. For those who prefer great flavor but less caffeine, look no further than this delicious coffee pods from Germany's best selling Jacobs Coffee. Made from 1/2 regular coffee beans and 1/2 decaffeinated coffee beans, it just doesn't get any better than this. Experts select beans from the best growing areas in the world, and carefully blend them to compose this fine coffee, topped with a velvety layer of crema. Roasting awakens the aroma of the beans and gives Krönung its unique flavour.